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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 5, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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this morning, bp says it's days away from knowing whether their latest attempt to stop the leak will work and now rescue workers are racing to save scores of birds covered in oil. the latest on their efforts. the stock market plummets on a disappointing jobs report. nearly 500,000 created last month. but the vast majority -- temporary census workers. so why is no one hiring? a 4-year-old boy falls from a 17th floor balcony and survivors. we have his amazing story. and how do you spell
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victory? 273,000 superstars entered but only one champion emerges. we have the nation's best wordsmith live. good morning, america. >> good morning, good to see you. the winning word is golodryga. >> that would be really hard. >> that's a tough one. stromuhr is actually the word. >> stromuhr is the word. >> do you know what it even is? >> i don't. >> it's a medical instrument used to measure blood flow and it's not spelled like you would think is spelled. m-u-h-r. >> she did it. we'll talk to her this morning. very excited. also, we'll talk about the news of the day. the president completed yet another trip to the oil-soaked gulf. and no optimism out of this one.
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now, he's warning residents to be prepared for the worst since there's no guarantee at that latest efforts to plug that leak has worked as you're looking at live pictures there on the bottom of the gulf and it still pours. >> bp is trying to act cautiously optimistic, millions of more gallons of oil will pour into the gulf until it's finally finished. >> and tony hayward not saying soon enough on that. also getting a look at the devastation this is causing on wildlife. all of these poor birds. their instinct is to clean themselves before they eat. that's how they stay warm. we'll talk to some people with the unbelieve tank of trying to save the animal. we have three reports. yunji de nies joins us from venice, louisiana. yunji? >> reporter: good morning, bill. bp says they were able to capture about 1,800 barrels of
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oil in the first 12 hours, but it's believed to be leaking at least ten times that amount. bp's hope is to get this containment cap to collect 75% of the oil that's pouring out every day. but even if they're successful, thousands of gallons of oil will continue to gush into the gulf until relief wells are completed. with any luck, at the end of the summer. >> this is going to be bad no meat what we do. but we can hopefully minimize the damage. >> reporter: president obama spent time with residents and local leaders, even stopping to sample some of what's left of the local seafood. >> hopefully, we can come down to the islands just to eat some shrimp and not have to worry about anything. >> yeah. >> reporter: but behind these smiles is a lot of hardache. >> we need help. we need help. and quick.
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all that oil coming in, it's not good. you don't have enough to catch that oil. >> reporter: all that oil is making a mess of the coastline. workers and haz-mat covered the beaches, others in boats are skimming the waters, some what feels like a never-ending battle with man against oil. >> it's been two weeks and you can still see the heavy oil out there. you see the discoloration. you smell the oils as you come near the marshes. >> reporter: the president promised to do everything possible to help the people who live here. but more and more say it's too late. >> i really don't know anything that we can say that change anything. i mean, the damage is done. and there's nothing that can be done about it. >> late last night, bp announced that they will be paying a second month of loss of income claims to people in this area. ceo tony hayward also announced that he is handing off operations of the spill cleanup and oversight to in-house business within bp that is run
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by an american, bill, as you know, tony hayward has been receiving a lot of criticism. >> and he's stars in those image-polishing ads. it's hit 140 miles of coastline, alabama, mississippi, now keeping the florida shores. tar balls washing up on the sandy, white beaches there. john joins us from pensacola. >> reporter: good morning. they woke to new and unwelcomed visitors. tar balls. yesterday, they were tar balls. today, they're more like gooey tar pancakes, and that's bad news for the $60 billion tourism industry. governor charlie crist told us with the oil plume about three miles offshore, it's likely things. are only going to get worse. is too much being made of these tar balls? or is that possibly the vanguard on the shore here? >> we don't know for sure.
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the probability is, we're going to get more. that's just, i think, the reality of it. this may be just the tip of the iceberg as as we see it come into florida. i certainly hope not. it's the last thing we want to see happen. but we got to be realistic and be prepared. >> reporter: when the toxing globs dissolve in the sun, they melt into a kind of sticky goo, you can imagine what that does to birds, fish, even barefoot tourists, bianna. >> thank you. meantime, we're seeing horrible pictures of wildlife suffering, helpless pelicans and pride of the louisiana and other native birds smothered in gooey oil. matt gutman reports. >> reporter: first, the marshes, now, the animals that live in them. over the past two dayses, more birds were brought into this wildlife refuge than in all of the 45 previous days since the spill combined. but for every bird rescued four are found dead.
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>> this is tragic to see them coming in like this in a human-made disaster. >> reporter: only some of those birds survived the cleaning process. but the work to get the oil off turns them into shock. death sometimes follows. millions of birds use it as a hub for migration. scientists warn the fallout over the next few months could be catastrophic. >> we're very concerned about the habitat and ecosystem. about the oil now. we potentially have impacts for this year's breeding season for future breeding seasons. >> reporter: this pelican has been standing still for a few minutes. when the oil gets in, it goes into shock. after a few days it dies-workers overwhelmed by the scombans of oil cleaned the beach. they told us they tried to alert wildlife officials but got no response, so we tried. calling what should be the
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hotline to report oil wildlife. i'm being put on hold. within four hours two officials called back. they asked for the coordinates of the birds we found and said they'd dispatch an agent to capture the birds. but no matter how fast they get here, the birds may not survive. matt gutman, abc news, venice, louisiana. >> for more on this rescue effort, jay holcomb joins us now. he's responded to hundreds of spills in his career and joins from us venice. i was reading how it take 300 gallons of water to clean one pelican. i know it varies from species to species. in the best case, how long does it take to clean a bird, rehabilitate it and then release it? >> the full amount of time is seven to ten days. to clean it usually takes usually around an hour. also, we pretreat it with a product that helps to loosen it up and kind of shampoo the bird.
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that's an hour. the rehabilitation, total, seven to ten days average. >> is there any way to note the survival rate? do you tag the birds? >> yes, all the birds are tagged. so they can follow them up. of course, you have to be able to find them in the future. there's no way to know how many will survive. we've had great successes with pelicans and times when there wasn't. this oil isn't particularly toxic because they're ageing, there's a good chance they'll survive. >> so is their trying to clean themselves and as you say, ingesting the oil the biggest danger or hypothermia, or what's the biggest threat? >> actually, it's both. the first is hypothermia. the birds plunge into the water to capture fish. the first thing is they likewise their buoyancy and struggle to stay warm.
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when they're wet, they get cold quick. hypothermia first, ingestion of oil second. >> is there any way to stop them from flying back into their habitat and getting oil right over them again? >> there's no way to stop. what officials have determined is release them in florida where there's a lot of pelican colonies, hoping they'll stay there. the hope is the adults, they'll come back to the islands. the juveniles not so much. >> there's a biologist in germany who made the case this week that you're really just doing this to feel better. that ultimately, you're just delaying the inevitable, and the more humane thing would be to euthanize these birds. what do you say to people who are conservationists who have that point of view? >> well, there's always a biologist somewhere that says that, or somebody who says this. it's a very difficult job. we've learned over the years. the organization is 40 years
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old. tristate bird rescue center who works with us is a 40-year-old organization. wee proven time and time again that birds can survive, be rehabilitated, live long lives and breathe. and some don't. so bottom line, it's responsibility. we have a responsibility to these animals. we covered them in oil. i mean, everybody. that's number one. number two, we add the science and compassion to it and make it work out so the animals can be cared for. so those comments are a little bogus and not based on fact. >> well, saving win bird in light of all of this misery. jay, we appreciate it. we return to more signs of trouble in the economy. a federal jobs report shows 431,000 jobs were added in may. that's the largest gain in ten years in the fifth straight month of job growth. nearly all of those jobs, 411,000 of them were temporary census jobs which will disappear in a matter of a few months. the private sector only grew by
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41,000 job. that's the smallest increase in private sector jobs so far this year. plummeting wall street, the dow dropped 323 points, its lowest close since february. joining me now is "u.s. news and world report" editor in chief, mort, thank you for joining me. >> good morning. >> we saw 158,000 jobs atted in march. nearly 2020 in april. what do you think this means? you're an employer yourself. are you seeing a similar pattern? >> yes, i do think this economy is even much weaker than those numbers look like. the fact is we have 2 1/2 years after the biggest fiscal and monetary stimulus that we've seen since the end of world war ii. we're virtually creating very few jobs. the problem that we're having now, even these numbers assume that there are a lot of companies creating.
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215,000 jobs, when those numbers are actually going to be examined at the end of the year, i believe many of those jobs will be disappear because it's just based on assumption. we we are looking at a very, very weak job growth picture, as i say, 2 1/2 months after we've had a huge system list flowing through the economy which should tell us that we are in real trouble. >> you add to that the economic crisis in europe, even the oil spill at home. the disappointing housing report out in may. does that concern you about the possible double-dip in the recession? >> frankly, there are those who are optimistic and those pessimistic. the pessimist fears he may be right. while i'm just concerned these are the best numbers we're looking at, i do think we're heading into a double dip, as i say. we're going to have another weakness through the economy through the rest of this year, we're a far, far distance away from having a naturally growing economy. >> so you do think we're in a double dip.
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meantime someone who expressed optimism with the president yesterday had this to say about the jobs report. take a listen. >> if you put the temporary job aside, there's no doubt that we saw another month of private sector job growth and that is obviously critical. because when businesses are hiring again, people start intending again. that, in turn, gives businesses more and more incentive to grow. >> your thought on that? he sounded a lot more optimistic than you are? and what else can he do? >> right, president's job is to be a cheerleader. he's not going to come out and throw cold water on whatever limited pieces of optimism there is in the economy. when he says 41,000 jobs that zbends on the assumption that 217,000 jobs were created as new companies being established last year. in that same category, when they looked at for the entire, he reduced the number of jobs created by over 1 million. i suspect when this number gets reviewed at the end of the year, these jobs would be assumed to
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be basically assumptions and not reality. so i think we're in deny trouble. remember, we have 130,000 people who enter the labor force every month. wlur the jobs naturally coming into the labor force? so you have a very, very weak jobs economy. and we've lost 8.5 million jobs. typically, 2 1/2 years after a recession begins, whatever the jobs that were lost are now beginning to be made up in a big way. we are not seeing any job creation. we've lost 1 million jobs in the last year. so we're in an ung precedented kind of economic slow joung, particularly with jobs. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> for a check on the other morning's other top stories we turn to ron claiborne. good morgue, everyone. we beginning with a confrontation over the gaza blockade. another aid ship preventing it from reaching the palestinian-controlled gaza strip, they say, to make sure no weapons are being brought in.
7:16 am
abc's simon mcgregor-wood is in jerusalem. >> reporter: good morning. we just heard the israelis have boarded a ship off the coast of gaza. no resistance was offered, therefore no injuries, the ship "the racially corey" was trying to deliver aid, and a fear of weapons struggling to hamas which controls the gaza strip. cruel remember, much earlier this week, a congress vow of six ships tried to dot same thing. they were confronted by the israelis and the terrible violence that fold, nine people were killed by israeli commandos. thankfully, this morning's operation seems to have passed off completely peacefully. it will be brought into the israeli port see later today where the israelis claim they were off-load and check the aid. in the coming days some or all of that aid may be transferred to gaza over land by the israelis themselves. >> thanks so much.
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abc's simon mcgregor-wood reporteding from jerusalem. and president obama has announced the director of intelligence, james clapper will be the nominee. clapper, a retired air force general, will replayer dennis blair. and legendary college basketball coach john wooden has died. wooden was basketball coach in ucla for 27 years with 620 victories. his teams won ten national championships, including seven in a row. the only person to be inducted in the basketball hall of fame as both a player and coach. john wooden was 99 years old. when i was a kid growing up in l.a., they were an awesome team on offense. they played great defense. they won at one point 88 games in a row. >> in a row. >> and he insisted that the arena be named after his wife and him. >> a smart manning.
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>> hi, marysol. >> take a look at this funnel cloud. this is monroe, washington, just outside of seattle, caused no havoc whatsoever. very pretty to look at. just a rogue funnel cloud. you see we got still pictures, some video. thanks to you folks at home for bringing it into your local station. we do contend with severe weather all the way from the midwest. >> good morning, washington. temperatures are in the 60's and low 70's out there. a few showers popping up close to the blue ridge. let's give you the big picture and show you what is happening all across the area. we will see isolated showers today. 91 tomorrow. watch for a
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>> thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook a limb bit later on in the show. bill? >> all right. now that miraculous story of the 4-year-old boy who frel from a 17th story and lived to tell about. >> bill, imagine the horror of his parents. 4-year-old joey williams was chasing a balloon through an apartment, he opened a sliding glass door and went falling. >> reporter: he's been called the miracle child after surviving the 70-foot fall from the balcony of his family's complex to a pool deck. >> i was playing with the kids and heard a thud. >> reporter: joey wandered off, opened the sliding glass door, climbed on to the balcony rail and fell. what saved him, his fall was broken by the palm tree. >> he hit a huge palm tree. that knocked limited into a bush tree and basically into the only
7:20 am
three-foot square of dirt. it's just a miracle. >> reporter: his family rushed to his side. >> just ran down to make sure -- you know, that's kind of a drop. you can't go from 17 floors to that without something happening. >> reporter: witnesses in the pool area were stunned to see joey suffered only scratches and bruces. he's now in stable condition. even enjoying mcdonald's in his hospital room. >> he's a tough guy. when he woke up, he instantly woke up fighting to see me. >> no charges will be file against the parents. police say what happened was an accident. also a miracle he survived. >> i cannot fathom the relief, the horror and then the relief realizing he's okay. >> nothing happened. >> yeah, living on the edge. coming up here on "gma,"
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joran van der sloot is back in peru in prison, charged with murder. we'll have a live report about what he's facing. and we'll talk to the young woman crowned america's new spelling bee queen. hi, jay bush and duke here to introduce new bush's black bean fiesta....whoa... you can't tell everyone about new black bean fiesta. but it's perfectly cooked black beans, in a zesty "south of the border" chipotle sauce with red and green peppers, onion, and crisp corn. a bold new taste. i know. but i want people to think i'm a great cook. so hide. delicious! can i have your recipe? your secret is safe with me. hello... new bush's black bean fiesta. and try new texas ranchero, along with our other grillin' beans flavors.
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just bizarre news this week. five years to the day after natalee holloway's disappearance, a woman is found dead in peru. she's the daughter of a presidential candidate, now joran van der sloot is facing the peruvian authorities in that country. a live report coming up. with lean cuisine you never have to compromise on pizza or anything else yummy, because you always get delicious and nutritious. you want hot and crispy? have hot and crispy. and cheese? bring it on. check the glossary in the back of the book. there's no "compromise" in there. and about that question on page 17... plaid is huge this year. lean cuisine. keep life delicious. le♪n cuisine. [ female announcer ] it's fun to get more! and now, during bonus ayat petsmart, get more free with bonus deals on select items throughout the store. pestmart. we love to see healthy, happy pets!
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>> live and in hd, at this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, washington. the forecast today is warm. a lot of folks heading down to the mall for the race for the
7:28 am
cure. make sure you take your umbrella because we have some scattered showers out there this morning. they're few and far between. it is warm out there. temperatures are around 70 degrees. forecast for the weekend, not the most comfortable. today and tomorrow, very similar temperatures. it right around the 90 degree mark. look for scattered showers. a greater likelihood of the showers tomorrow. it will be breezy tomorrow. that will be posturing in a nice cooling trend for the washington area early next week. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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stromuhr. s-t-r-o-m-u-h-r, stromuhr. >> we have the winner! [ applause ] >> congratulations there, a spell-binding moment there in washington, d.c. last night. that is anamika veeramani correctly spelling "stromuhr." at the scripps national spelling bee. hats off to the eighth grader. we're going to talk to her in a minute. she calls it too surreal. >> there she is. i'm bill weir, good morning. i'm along with bianna golodryga. it's saturday, june fifth.
7:31 am
the word that got her into juvia, a brazilian nut. want to give it a try? >> juv -- >> you're right. youring vandzer shoot now in custody in peru being transported to the capital of lima, the 22-year-old dutchman long suspected in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba, now accused of murdering a young peruvian woman. in another twist, he's charged with extortion in alabama. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. a long line of vehicles is winding its way up the highway from a town, lighting flashing, sirens blaring. inside of one of those suvs,
7:32 am
wearing a bulletproof vest is a young man very far away from home. less than 24 hours after he tried to make his great escape, joran van der sloot was on his way back to peru. back to the country where one week ago tonight, police say he murdered 21-year-old stephany flores. he appeared somber, resigned. joran was flown to the border between chile and peru where he was examined by doctors. next stop, the capital of lima. for the family of stephany flores, it's just the beginning of a long process of healing. >> the family, everybody here in this house, wants justice. >> reporter: a few thousand miles away, the family of natalee holloway is also reeling, both in her disappearance from aruba kind of years ago, and now a new crime.
7:33 am
joran was caught on tape allegedly trying to extort $250,000. authoritys did not arrest van der sloot immediately because they wanted to see if he would later admit to killing hollow weighw way, he did not. his friend tells abc news, joran was troubled. >> and i think she doesn't buy his treasurerry and his nonsense and it ended in the psychosis of joran. >> reporter: back in peru, stephany flores' family in deep mourning over her loss has cinchly one mission in mind. justice. what kind of punishment would you want for him? >> jail, forever. >> reporter: this is where they want joran to spent as much of his life as possible.
7:34 am
a peruvian prison, among the toughest in latin america. this morning, even the president of peru, allen garcia is weighing in on the case, saying this young man must face trial and stand the consequences here in peru. he vows he will not aprauv any effort to extradite joran. if convicted of murder, joran faces up to 35 years in prison. bill? >> john quinones from lima. we're joined by theodore simon who has large international experience. good to see you. >> good morning. >> so what is he waking up -- or what will he wake up in tomorrow? what is the state of the peruvian justice system and the jails in particular? >> yes. the system in peru is vastly different from anything he appearanced in aruba or anything in the united states. in fact, mr. van der sloot will
7:35 am
be have an extremely rude awakening. the system will be overcrowded and more likely can be described as deplorable and intolerable. the most basic requirements will be in question. and the basic services. so i think it's going to be an incredible shock to his system, the circumstances of his incarceration. unless, of course, they make special arrangements because he's a high-profile person. >> yeah. >> secondly, he's going to confront something quite different. while in peru, there's a right to habeas corpus and will be released, however, i don't think there's any chance he'll be released while he was in aruba or in the united states. and lastly, something that will confront him, in aruba there are speedy trial requirements as there are in the united states. while he was in custody in aruba, you know, he had very
7:36 am
strict timetables upon which the court had to meet and ultimately he was released. in peru, the system doesn't work quite that way. in fact there are intermable delays and between the investigator stage and any trial it could be many, many years before any conclusion. and of course, no juries there. >> no juries. the victim in this case, the daughter of a former peruvian presidential candidate so he's at a marked disadvantage in terms of the power interest in that country. so many people in this country wonder about justice for natalee holloway. and this extortion charge in alabama is extraordinary, looks like a sting with the fbi. even if he's convicted in peru, is there a way to extradite him and try him for that crime and perhaps the peruvian? >> there is an extradition treaty between the u.s. and peru. normally, when they're wanted in
7:37 am
the receiving company they make a request for extradition. however when someone is being prosecuted in this case, for murder that will take precedence and go first. but there is a unique provision in the extradition treaty that permits even if he's convicted or sentenced there's an opportunity to surrender to the u.s. where he could face prosecution and after the conclusion of that be returned back to peru. and i think that's really the question for the u.s. authorities. it's what, if anything, can he say or reveal about the circumstances and the whereabouts of natalee holloway and what happened. >> and that miserable jail experience as leverage. ted, we appreciate your insight. let's turn to ron claiborne. good morning, bill and bianna. in the news, a containment cap is collecting some of the oil gushing into the gulf of mexico. officials say they hopefully
7:38 am
hope to gradually increase the rate. and a south korean warship in march, he called the sinking of a reckless pattern of aggression. and private rocket launch, it's to start making cargo runs to the national space station. finally, a chicago make one artist said a word's record for lipstick application in one hour. he won a spot in the guinness book of world records by shattering the record of 180 by putting lipstick on 303 women. >> don't you hold the record for lipstick removal? >> ooh. >> good one. that's a look at the headlines. over to marysol with the weather. >> just doing the weather, you guys. good morning, you guys at home. let's take a look at the beach forecast if you're on the east coast. water temperature is lovely. in the 80s farther south you go. once you get into new england,
7:39 am
however, 66 and also storms throughout the day. so if you med to the beach, chances are you're going to need an umbrella. on the west coast, cooler water temperatures but warmer air temperature. elsewhere, around the midlakes, great lakes in trouble all the way through new england. and in the >> to as to the north of us, some very strong storms. some of that activity will start to sink down. isolated showers and a much cooler >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by at&t. bill and bianna? >> thanks, mary. coming -- >> some win records by removing lipstick, others win records by spelling. we have 273 young men and women
7:40 am
from around the country vied for the title of national spelling bee contest. we'll talk to the ultimate winner. and your life in three words. . ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest 3g network. get your grad or dad the exclusive samsung strive for just $19.99. only from at&t. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you urture it in your cat
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well, it is the word of the morning, stromuhr. >> zromer. >> that spelled success for a 14-year-old from ohio, anamika veeramani. she won the scripps spelling bee. >> spell on three, one, two, three -- spell! ♪ >> intersize said moloy. >> schleeren. >> maki, is that a food? >> s-a-u-t -- >> thank you. >> a-u-k-a --
7:44 am
>> oh, that's going to haunt that poor girl. >> u-i-n-a-l-d-o. >> d-o-m-e. >> stromuhr. s-t-r-o-m-u-h-r. >> we have the winner! [ applause ] >> congratulations! >> a winner, indeed. joining us live from washington, d.c. is last night's spelling bee champ 14-year-old anamika veeramani. good morning, congratulations, anamika. >> thank you. good morning. thank you so much for having me. >> have you heard the word "stromu "stromuhr" before? >> yes, i have. >> so you used it as practice? >> well, i wanted to make sure i got it right.
7:45 am
>> and how much preparation goes into a spelling bee like this? >> so much hard work and a lot of dedication. and i've been spelling since 7 so that's a really long time but i love spelling. >> you love spelling. this is a dying art in the age of spell-check, you know? >> yeah. >> do you visualize the words? do you draw it on your hands the way some kids do? what's your strategy when you get it? >> i learn a visual first so i can kind of see the word in my head. that's how i spell it. >> fascinating. what do you want to be when you grow up, young lady? >> i want to be a cardiovascular surgeon, but i also want to write books so -- >> so what do you do in your pastime? i know you have time for hobbies. i can't believe that you have time to prep for a spelling bee and hobbies. >> i play golf. and i dance. and i love to write.
7:46 am
and i love music, everything. >> well, you are a renaissance young lady. and your parents must be very proud. >> thank you. >> now, we want to put you on the spot since you are the champion, and nobody is better suited in this country to handle this. would you please spell the word golodryga. >> it's a tough one. >> okay. can i have the definition, please? >> it's the name of my co-anchor. >> it took me my entire life to learn how to spell it. >> the origin is russian, right? >> yes. >> i'll use it in a sentence. bianna golodryga has filed a restraining order against me again. >> golodryga. >> g-o-l-o-d-r-y-g-a. >> did they get it right?
7:47 am
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if you happen to be in new york today, this weekend, the world science festival is going on. it is fantastic. it will blow your mind. i'm modder rating a panel on the abyss. exploring the ocean. >> you've done thi >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am courtney robinson. taking a look at some of the stories topping the news -- if
7:57 am
you are planning to use the metro orange line, there will be major delays. there will be no service between the east and west falls church stations. shuttle buses will run between those stations. you should add 30 minutes to your trip. it is due to construction. in just a few minutes, tens of thousands of people will take part in the susan g. komen global race for the cure . 16,000 people are expected to take part. organizers hope to raise more than $6.3 million to pay for breast cancer education and health services. .ow, we turn to dave's aaron we are keeping our fingers crossed that the shower activity that is no. 2 or area will stay
7:58 am
there. there might be some showers in the area. it is warm out there. it is already in the 70's. our forecast for today and tomorrow is almost identical. tomorrow should be about 91, while today should be about 90. by the time we get to monday, temperatures should be around 80. we have to make it through the weekend. thank you for watching. have a great day.
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